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Principal accomodation Secondary building
Family room Fireplace
Dining room Bedroom
The Île-au-Canot Domain is a calm and peaceful refuge 2 km long by 600 metres large, or 52.5 hectares of pure nature.

Access to the island is facilitated by its floating quays allowing docking of ships as imposing in size as Croisières Lachance’s Vent des Îles and Lachance III.

The Île-au-Canot Domain includes:

A luxurious, country style primary residence that can accommodate up to 10 persons;
a cottage for guides that can comfortably accommodate up to 8 persons;
a service building that serves, among other things, as a site for preparing takes;
a hunting dog kennel;
a pheasant aviary;
blinds set up in fields and on the banks;
a garage for agricultural equipment;
a drinking water treatment building;
two yachts equipped with two motors to get to the different hunting grounds located off the island;
two ATVs with trailers to travel between the different hunting grounds on the island;
a clay pigeon shooting ground.

A green island

The Île-au-Canot 's administration has gone green. The island is outfitted with a high-tech wind turbine and solar panels that supply more than 80% of electricity needs, limiting the use of generators and diesel consumption.