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History of the island

A place rich in history, whose vocation is perpetuated from generation to generation by the local islanders…

Numerous owners have taken possession of the island over the years, sometimes for only a short stay in the archipelago. We must go back all the way to 1662 to find the traces of the first known owner of the Île-au-Canot Domain, Vincent Macard, who took possession on November 12, 1662.

In 1826, Michel Olivier Lachance, an agricultural producer from the Île d’Orléans, joined the history of the Île-au-Canot and became the first of a long line of mariners who would inhabit the island and be the ancestors of all the Île-au-Canot Domain Lachance.

The island remained the property of the Lachance family until 1956 when Eucher Lachance sold it to Charles Body Fisher, a Montreal industrialist who rarely visited the island. In 1989, the Welch family from Quebec City acquired the island to practice sport hunting. It was them who would introduce the pheasants.

Soon after, the Lachance family retook possession of the island in association with businessmen passionate about hunting.

The history of the island abounds in anecdotes and fishing and hunting stories… captain François and his son Dominique Lachance will be happy to tell a few tales during your crossing to the Île-au-Canot Domain for an unforgettable stay!