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For your hunting or vacationing stay,
the package includes:

Access to the island by boat with the Croisières Lachance team.
Discreet and attentive service of an on-site guide and cook.


A warm and inviting residence with a magnificent view of the Île aux Grues that can accommodate up to 10 persons, including:
complete kitchen with dining room
large living room with fireplace
5 bedrooms with 2 single beds each
large bathroom with 2 private showers
washer, dryer
complete bedding
access to a number of lockers and a large change room for storage for each hunter

5 day package American Plan

(Suggested length. The length of stay can be changed or modified upon request or according to availability.)

Price per hunter: $535/person per day + taxes.

Price per accompanying adult: $267.50/person per day + taxes.

Maximum 6 hunters and 4 accompanying adults (opportunity to combine one or more groups of people).

Complete exclusive package price: $9,630 + taxes + $267.50/ accompanying adult per day + taxes (maximum 4).

Pheasants that are either shot or wounded are charged at a rate of $20 each at the end of your stay.