Take a Moment

to Get Away

Get away to the Île au Canot resort with your family or friends. Treat yourself to a stay at a recreational place that’s rich in history. A stay filled with peace, quiet and tranquility.

As a one-of-a-kind resort, Île au Canot offers an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Its history, its peaceful environment and its idyllic landscapes make the island a must-see destination. Accommodations, activities, gastronomy… get ready for an exhilarating stay!


in all it’s glory!

Offer yourself a nature getaway among the waters of the Saint Lawrence! Take to the numerous trails to discover a unique natural environment filled with fauna and flora. If you like walking and hiking, this is the place for you! Set off on an adventure to observe the colony of little penguins, geese, or to simply appreciate the breathtaking views along the different horizons! The resort is a haven of more than 50 hectares of nature at its purest. A truly unique destination!

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