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Snow goose hunting

The Île-au-Canot Domain is one of the best private snow goose hunting domains in the world. It is one of 21 islands located in the heart of the migratory bird sanctuary that makes up the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago.

The Île-au-Canot Domain offers a wide variety of blinds:
dry land, easily accessible by foot or by ATV
in an exclusive area on the battures of the Île-au-Canot

These south-east shores, located close to the northern shores of the Isle-aux-Grues, make up the primary feeding grounds of migrating snow geese.

Camouflaged in a blind on the edge of the river, your decoys spread out along the banks, get ready for the thousands of snow geese that stop each fall on the shores of the St. Lawrence and a hunting experience that’s out of the ordinary!