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the Île au Canot

Île au Canot

A resort that’s full of history

Île au Canot is a haven of calm and tranquility, about 2 kilometers long and 600 meters wide, for a total of 52.5 hectares of nature at its purest. Access to the island is possible through its floating docks, and it is from the Quai de Montmagny that you will set sail to reach the site.


at its Purest

Île au Canot is a haven of peace and tranquility that’s 2 km long by 600 metres wide, covering 52.5 hectares of nature at its purest. Access to the island is made possible by floating docks that permit docking by boats as large as the Vent des Îles and the Lachance III from Croisières Lachance.

The Resort Offers

Quality Facilities

A charming and luxurious main residence that can accommodate up to 10 persons;

Five bedrooms with double occupancy;

A kitchen that was completely renovated in 2017;

A summer pavilion next to the main cottage that was built in 2016;

Two double-motor yachts to get to the island and to activities;

More than 6 km of maintained trails with a number of observation stations;

A terrace for clay pigeon shooting.

A Green Environment

The Île au Canot administration is going green. The island is supplied with a wind turbine and high-tech solar panels that supply more than 80% of electricity needs, thus limiting the use of generators and the consumption of diesel.

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